[Qgis-developer] Point/minor release changelogs

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Tue Jan 19 02:23:33 PST 2016

On 19-01-16 11:04, Tom Chadwin wrote:
> I try to keep the users within the organizations I work with aware of new
> versions of QGIS when they are released. I also like to summarize some of
> the changes. My Google skills are failing me, however, in finding changelogs
> for eg 2.8.6 and 2.12.3, rather than for 2.8 and 2.12. I'm sure I've found
> them before, but if someone can point me towards them, I'd be extremely
> grateful.

Hi Tom,

Juergen/jef is pretty good in updating the header of the website (left
in the black top bar of qgis.org). And below the Download button on

I recently even received a message in my running QGIS 2.12...

There is also the version number in the executable installers, eg:


I think 'we' should even create a post on blog.qgis.org for every even
minor upgrades....



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