[Qgis-developer] GeoJSON issue

Enrico Ferreguti enricofer at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 02:47:34 PST 2016

I'm having a weird issue loading geojson on Qgis 2.12.3 under Ubuntu 14.04
Features are loaded with coordinates truncated as if they were integer
number. It's a big problem with WGS84 projection because a point like
E11.3455668 N45.4566996 is inserted as E11 N45
The issue appears even loading geojson from URL so it can be easily
For example inserting GeoJSON from with:
all features collapsed to E11 N45
The problem does not reside on source because coordinates in the provided
GeJSON are right.
The strange is that other testing systems do not appear affected ( qgis
2.12.2 under windows 32bit and qgis 2.10 under LUbuntu 14.04 LTS).

Is there Anyone who confims the issue? Should I open a ticket?

Enrico Ferreguti
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