[Qgis-developer] 2.14.1

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 15:32:09 PST 2016

On 7 March 2016 at 10:28, Nathan Woodrow <madmanwoo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I know it's very early after release but I was wondering if we can do a
> 2.14.1 release.  There was a major bug in SQL Server causing labels,
> attribute tables, features forms, etc to all play up.
> http://hub.qgis.org/issues/14402
> As there is a lot of SQL Server users this is a pretty major thing to not
> have working.
> If there is some resourcing that needs to happen for a 2.14.1 release let me
> know and I will see what I can do.

Just a note - I'd appreciate a day or so warning before a .1 release -
I'll see what kind of workarounds I can do for the composer svg issue
(unless someone wants to volunteer to fix this properly by
implementing the svg cache for composer??)


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