[Qgis-developer] Processing algorithms and API breaks

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Mon Mar 7 23:34:41 PST 2016

Il 08/03/2016 08:28, Alexander Bruy ha scritto:

> Documentation is another importand topic. There is some movement in this
> direction, but again unfortunately we can not cover all Processing algs with
> documentation. Reusing existing documentaion (e.g GDAL, SAGA, GRASS)
> can help, but as many Processing algs implement only subset of options or
> even split one tool into multiple... existing documentation does not match
> Processing algorthm

I think this can be done if we:
* reuse as much of the existing docs as possible (done for grass and
gdal, TBD for saga)
* allow power users to add their content, possibly also small images, in
an easy way.
There was some succesfull attempt at the beginning, by Matteo Ghetta (48
saga algs, if I remember correctly), but unfortunately this work seems
to have been lost.
All the best.

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