[Qgis-developer] URGENT: "Missing entry point" error

Niccolo' Marchi sciurusurbanus at hotmail.it
Wed Mar 9 02:16:50 PST 2016

Hi all,
after a fresh install of W10, I'm not able to install QGIS without 
having the "Missing entry point..." (see attachment) error.
In the past I already had frequent errors with qgis-bin.exe icon being 
obliged to change path to qgis.bat, but with this error it's the first 
time. I saw that even with past releases there have been some cases 
(e.g. minoru).

I tried both Osgeo installers (32/64) on W10 64 bits (in the 32 bit 
version it calls ...\bin\qgis_app.dll)

is there any suggestion on how to solve? shall I open a ticket?
I'm actually without any possibility to use qgis

Thank you in advance!

all the best,

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