[Qgis-developer] Issue with Shapefile creation algorithm

Jean-Christophe Bastin jcbastin at thelis.be
Fri Mar 18 06:18:23 PDT 2016

Hi QGIS Developers :-)

I asked some help on QGIS support, but they told me that I don't ask my 
question at the right place, and that I should go througth developers 
email list.
That's why I'm here. So let me explain what's going on.

I developped an application with a class able to read data from an 
Oracle database with MapXtreme (MapInfo), and convert them in Shapefile.
This class follows the ESRI specifications from here : 
You can find in attach 2 samples that I tried to open in QGIS :
- 4480___S12_060_4 : there is only one polygon, but it is not displayed 
on the map
- 4480___327550 : there are 8 polygons in this one, and all of them are 
well displayed
The strange thing is that the polygon from "4480___S12_060_4" is common 
with "4480___327550", but in one case it is not shown, and in the other 
case it is shown.
I have no problem when I open these files with MapInfo.
I don't have ArcMap to check on this side.
The support told me they were not able to open my files with SAGA, but I 
downloaded SAGA GIS 2.2.3 and was able to open the file without any issue...

According to QGIS support, it looks like an issue in my creation 
algorithm, but I really don't see what's wrong, it seems to follow well 
the ESRI specifications.
I'm not a "GIS expert", so maybe some of you could help me to discover 
what's wrong.
Or if you have any GIS tool that can tell me what's not correct in my 
shapefile, it could really help me.

You can find in attachment the source code of my class in VB.Net.

Many thanks !




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