[Qgis-developer] Loading sld with external graphics

Henrik Schuller hgs716 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 06:40:00 PST 2016


I am working with the Norwegian Mapping Authority and we are planing on
making a registry that consists of svg files that are going to be used in
sld's when styling gml.

I have no problem with loading sld files into QGIS when i use
ExternalGraphic --> OnlineResource to a location on my computer, but when i
"xlink:href" to an actual online resource and try to load the sld file into
QGIS the program crash.

It would be really nice if people could link to svg or png on the web to
use for their styling, so that they do not have to download a bunch of
images when they are going to style a dataset.

I hope there are some easy fix to this :)

Henrik Gulliksen Schüller
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