[Qgis-developer] plugins.qgis.org

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Wed Nov 9 01:24:39 PST 2016


We (as osgeo SAC admins) receive a lot of requests for the osge-mantra
from QGIS users, just because they think you need that to use plugins.

I think it is because plugins.qgis.org lands on a page in which it says:
"In order to access to some functionalities of this website you will
need to login with a valid OSGEO ID."

I think it has something to do with the fact that we plugins.qgis.org
was first 'hub', a collection of some QGIS/django/issues related web-apps.
But now plugins.qgis.org is actually only plugins (+ a user map and planet)

I propose either to cleanup the django app, so it is ONLY plugins, and
maybe create another small app for all the rest apps (usermap, planet)

OR to remove the landing page, and move that text to the dev part of the
website. The landing page could be a more generic page maybe, telling
that you install plugins via the plugin manager, and this app is only if
you want to upload plugins?

Another option would be to remove the little login-man from the frontpage.

It is getting annoying to answer all the user requests for a mantra,
just because they want a plugin...



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