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Thanks for raising plugins.qgis.org problems, Richard. I had looked for
ways to address things like this in the past but was unable to figure out
where the source were, looking unsuccessfully at
https://github.com/qgis/QGIS-Django. Now Thanks to Alessandro I know I was
starring the wrong place.

I think the first and mandatory thing to do is to remove the button at the
top right. I also fell into the trap:
- connect to the plugins.qgis.org to look for a plugin
- enter a  keyword in the text box
- the next and logical step is to click that button nearby instead of
hitting "Enter"
- you end up with creating an account if you're not cautious, and without
any explanation on what a login is necessary for.
This button should  be removed as there's already a "LOGIN" button earlier.

In the same spirit, there's also two links to qgis.org page (the Logo and
"QGIS Home"). We should keep only one!
Hence my proposal for the menus would be: the Logo (leads to qgis.org),
"Home" (leads to plugins.qgis.org), "Plugins",  "Planet", "User
Map","Login" and "Search textbox". Maybe move the "Share Plugin" button
somewhere in the menu bar to help devs directly access it.

About the text available at the landing page, I also agree that it's too
much and not really useful for common users. Links to bug reporting section
in qgis.org is confusing and inappropriate as it's about hub.qgis.org. And
it does neither mention access to "Planet" or "User Map" features. I think
this page should explain what this site is for, which features are
available and link to appropriate pages/sites depending on the item. Hence
I'm not sure plugins.org should land directly to
http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/?sort=-featured (a section I've never
understood what it was about).

Link to documentation seems a good idea as there's a whole chapter (
about plugin development, with the advantage of translation.


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That was my thinking. Having links to documentation is a much better
approach compared with the wall of text in the front page.

A sex, 11/11/2016, 06:57, Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it> escreveu:

> Il 11/11/2016 07:54, Alessandro Pasotti ha scritto:
> > BTW, I'd also like to see the front page reworked, as it is there is too
> > much text. Creating new subpages (flatpages in Django admin) is very
> > easy but maybe we should better merge all the information on the plugin
> > site into the main documentation PyQGIS Cookbook and link to the
> > appropriate sections on that site.
> +1
> thanks
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