[Qgis-developer] About QGIS-*.DMP files in Temp folder on Windows

Geo DrinX geodrinx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 03:28:00 PST 2016

Good morning,

purging my PC,  I found 1595  files named   "qgis-*.dmp"  in my Temp

Totally, they amount to 36 giga of space  :(

For example, I have many of:


each of 23 mega.

So, for each quitting of QGIS since 2.18  from  september 05 2014  I had a
crash (also without any plugin installed).

Also, randomically I had crashes.

So, now I am deleting these files, to have space sufficent in my PC to work.

I hope this can be sufficient for you to start a good debug of this
problem, that I have reported more than once.

If you need, I can share that files with you (also if I don't know how).

Best regards

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