[Qgis-developer] Best Practice for QGIS Plugin Help Documentation

Chris Crook ccrook at linz.govt.nz
Sat Nov 19 09:56:19 PST 2016

Hi Calvin

Method 2 is well supported by QGIS.  Put the help in index.html in the plugin directory, then

def showMyPluginHelp(self):
    from qgis import utils

The showPluginHelp function will look for index.html by default, but you can specify a filename to use instead of index.
It also has a section argument which will go to an html anchor in the help file (<a name="mysection">...</a>


I'm not sure if this is in the PyQt developers cookbook or in plugin builder?

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As part of my plugins I want to have a Help button that displays the documentation. What method do you recommend? I see various authors do it differently. I see three methods for when a help button is clicked on.

1. Launch a web browser to point to the documentation on the web.
2. Have the documentation as a part of the plugin and launch a web browser to view it.
3. Display a PyQt window with the documentation in it.

I don't consider #1 as a good option because it fails if you happen to be disconnected from the web. What are your thoughts on #2 or #3 or do you have a better option?



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