[Qgis-developer] Best Practice for QGIS Plugin Help Documentation

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sat Nov 19 02:37:51 PST 2016

Il 18/11/2016 21:13, C Hamilton ha scritto:

> 1. Launch a web browser to point to the documentation on the web.
> 2. Have the documentation as a part of the plugin and launch a web
> browser to view it.
> 3. Display a PyQt window with the documentation in it.
> I don't consider #1 as a good option because it fails if you happen to
> be disconnected from the web. What are your thoughts on #2 or #3 or do
> you have a better option?

Hi Calvin,
thanks for raising this point: I agree that having a coherent system
would be better for developers and users alike. I'd be more inclined
towards #2. Could we recommend this in the pydev docs?
All the best.

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