[Qgis-developer] SAGA and TauDEM algs in QGIS from KingChaos package

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Sun Nov 20 08:12:38 PST 2016

Il 20 novembre 2016 16:11:22 CET, Salvatore Larosa <lrssvtml at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>Hi all,
>I have installed 2.14.8 from William Kyngesburye's packages, all ok. I
>noticed that almost all the algs of SAGA and TauDEM do not work.
>For SAGA (2.2.3) algs I get:
>/Users/slarosa/.qgis2//processing/saga_batch_job.sh: line 3: 83064
>Segmentation fault: 11 saga_cmd io_gdal 0 -TRANSFORM 1 -INTERPOL 0
>-FILES "/Users/slarosa/MU/elevation_utm.tif"
>Error: input file
>Error: Zone Grid
>That was happening with the Zonal Raster Statistics alg. But I get the
>identical error (segmentation fault) with the others algorithms.
>For TauDEM algs I get systematically an "Unsupported Data Source"
>is not a supported raster data source TIFFReadDirectory:Failed to read
>directory at offset 1991676
>Anyone confirms?
>Can I exclude a local problem with my machine (OSX El Capitan)?
>Salvatore Larosa
>linkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/larosasalvatore
>twitter: @lrssvt
>skype: s.larosa
>IRC: lrssvt on freenode
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Yes, know issues, tickets open. Easy to fix BTW.
All the best.
Sent from mobile. Sorry for being short
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