[Qgis-developer] Any UI/UX plans for QGIS3?

Alexandre Neto senhor.neto at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 03:59:29 PST 2016

Hi Nyall! Thank you for your reply.

A sex, 25/11/2016, 22:09, Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson at gmail.com> escreveu:

I love it!

Stuff like this is a great jumping in point where anyone can get
involved. It's just a matter of trawling through all the dialogs and
collating a list of strings which need changing. If that was done then
someone with commit rights could fix these in a couple of minutes. The
hard bit (and the bit where ANYONE can help) is making the list in the
first place.

I will gladly work on that list, but I was hoping that, under the idea of
"give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you
feed him for a lifetime", with a gentle push from a developer, I could
directly fix some of the problems.

Some more suggestions (which again, anyone could help with identifying):

- replacing "non standard" icons. We still have some inconsitently
used icons (such as the expression builder icon) used throughout qgis.
- dialogs which violate hig conventions:
    - use of ":" at the end of strings
    - bad tab order
    - group boxes with just one widget
- bad/inconsistent capitalisation in strings, dialog titles, and tooltips
- widgets without tooltips (or non helpful tooltips)

Maybe I will start by gathering a list of issues to search for, before I
start looking into each dialog. Those above are all good candidates.

These are also issues for plugins, so collating lists and opening bugs
against plugins would also help.

> Help and Documentation
> - Most of our help buttons lead to nowhere, we already talked about
> them to the User's Manual online (although we would need a solution for
> working with it offline and in different languages)
> Defaults
> - Should default selection color not be opaque?
> - Showing only selected features vertexes by default?

> - Map template, we could provide a very simple template as default (I
> there was already some discussion about this); Most people I see gets very
> confused when they see a completely empty page.

Depends how it's done. I don't think it should always open with a
template, but including some nice templates with qgis would be a good

We could have a few options when creating a new print composition keeping
an "empty" option on the top.
- Empty ()
- A4 landscape
- A4 portrait
- plus list of recent user's templates

Another idea I'd love to see for 3.0 is switching the main ui to using
monochrome "symbolic" icons. I think this could really refresh the
interface and avoid the ui from taking attention away for the content
(ie, the pretty map you're making). I tried making a script to auto
convert the icons as a test.... and ended up with a horrendous result
which had to be burned in a furnace and scattered on the four winds.

It would be nice if we could get some graphic designer to make them
distinctive enough.

Also, it would be nice if special care is taken so that they work with the
the dark theme.


Alex Neto
Alexandre Neto
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