[Qgis-developer] New color ramp widget: suggestions

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Nov 30 01:24:40 PST 2016

Hi Mathieu,

Il 30/11/2016 10:18, Mathieu Pellerin ha scritto:

> * Good point on the "edit color ramp..." menu shortcut, I'll fix that

great, thanks

> * >1 week ago, I revamped the default symbols, we could also revamp the
> saved color ramps (and highlight a few excellent ones via favorites)

IMHO a DTM is badly missing. please have a look also to the GRASS ramps
embedded in cpt-city - some of them are really useful, e.g. ndvi,
corine, aspect.

> * I'm a definite -1 for changing default type from gradient to cpt-city,
> the color gradient editor dialog is much, much better the work with (by
> default) than the cpt-city preset picker dialog

agreed it's better, even too good ;)
my point is that with gradient users tend to create overcomplicated
palettes, that are not appropriate for sound cartography; that's why I
suggested to put them one step away from users. but I accept your choice.

> * +1 to rename the cpt-city ramp type to something that'll be understood
> by more than a few dozen individuals on earth ;-P

good; perhaps we should put credits somewhere else.

Thanks again.
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