[Qgis-developer] New color ramp widget: suggestions

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Nov 30 02:07:15 PST 2016

Il 30/11/2016 11:00, Anita Graser ha scritto:

>     -1 to this ... most of those cpt city gradients are pretty darn ugly
>     or unsuitable for mapping in my opinion!
> ​Many of the prettier ones (e.g.
> http://soliton.vm.bytemark.co.uk/pub/cpt-city/wkp/template/tn/wiki-2.0.png.index.html) are
> also very difficult to use because we have no way to specify where the
> border between blue = under sea level and green = above sea level is in
> our raster values.

agreed many are unsuitable, but others are really precious: I spend
hours to design the CORINE one, years ago, and in Europe this is a must.
NDVI is also tricky. Perhaps we could divide them in two sections, or
simply include all the useful ones in the default?
Anita: agreed some are very difficult to use - ideas for improvement?
Thanks for the comments, I think we are greatly improving usability here.
All the best.
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