[Qgis-developer] New color ramp widget: suggestions

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Nov 30 22:56:28 PST 2016

Il 01/12/2016 06:22, Mathieu Pellerin ha scritto:
> As well all agreed on need to rename the new color ramp categories, let
> me put forward new names and ordering:
> --------------------
> *Current:*
> Gradient
> Random
> ColorBrewer
> Preset colors
> cpt-city
> *Proposed:*
> Gradient (stays the same)
> Palette (instead of Preset colors)
> Presets: cpt-city (instead of cpt-city)
> Presets: ColorBrewer (instead of ColorBrewer)
> Random (stays the same
> --------------------
> Does that sound good with you guys?

I'll leave the comments to native English speakers.
* how about changing the names of renderers? I never found Singleband
etc. names particularly enlightening
* why keeping activated the multiband renderer also for singleband rasters?
* why keeping the Band dropdown whan there is only one band?
* what is the Paletted renderer supposed to do?
Thanks a lot.
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