[Qgis-developer] A couple of ideas for QGIS

roy roy royroge at outlook.com
Mon Apr 3 00:37:30 PDT 2017

Dear QGIS Developers,

I think QGIS would benefit adding the following features;
if you find them interesting they may be added to QGIS 3.0:

1 - Better support for Spatialite tables:

it is now impossible to remove columns from a spatialite
table, i know it's not supported by SQLite but there is a
simple work around that consists in creating a new table
without the removed column/s

2 - Save project data into SQLite/Spatialite db:

this would grant users the choice to save all the work
in one unique file ( data, layer style ), very handy for
backups and sharing/shipping

i'm not a c++ developer but i can help with docs
and testing.
best regards,


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