[Qgis-developer] Basic Processing plugin questions

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 02:47:28 PDT 2017

> 1. Can a Processing plugin only take a single layer as input, or can it take
> more?

It can take several one-layer parameters (so, in the end, there is a
fixed number of them), or take a multiple-layer parameter, which is a
single parameter but the user can select a list with an undetermined
number of layers (even an empty list, if allowed)
> 2. Can a Processing plugin take *any* layer, rather than having to choose
> between raster and vector?

No, not at the moment. The multiple input can have several layer types
at once, but single layers can't

> 3. Must a Processing plugin output a layer?

No. It can output layers, tables, numbers, string...in any combination
you want, just like input parameters

Hope this helps

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