[Qgis-developer] Publishing Custom Python Expression Functions for QGIS

Khare Simran simran.khare at hsr.ch
Wed Apr 5 02:00:37 PDT 2017


I am Simran, an intern at the Institute for Software in HSR Rapperswil. I have come up with some Custom Python Expression functions for QGIS. They are:

1. hstore_get_value(), hstore_exist(), hstore_contains_key_value() and hstore_contains_hstore() :

These functions can search for keys and values in hstore strings. They are useful for selecting features based on their tags, which are of hstore type.

2. maxofallvaluesplusone('fieldName')

Given a field name, this function returns 1 + the maximum of all values in that field. It is useful for automatically generating a unique id (for example fid) every time the user adds a new feature to a layer.

You can find the functions on Github: https://github.com/simran001/custom-expression-functions

Please let me know if I should publish these functions as part of the QGIS Resource Sharing Plugin, or if it would be a better idea to make a pull request at https://github.com/NathanW2/qgsexpressionsplus.


Best regards,


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