[Qgis-developer] Editing with QGIS on WFS-T - automatically add lastchange-date and -user

Schepers, Benjamin schepers at rvr-online.de
Mon Apr 10 21:58:42 PDT 2017

Hi list,

I'd like to edit my data with QGIS on WFS datasource (QGIS-Server WFS-T) - which generally works well! ;-)

Now I'd like to add the lastchange-date and lastchange-user automatically to the attributes. Lastchange-date could be solved with DB-Trigger so far, but does anyone know how to "automagically" add the lastchange-user?
The WFS-Server-Middleware is QGIS-Server, the WFS-service itself is secured via Apache-LDAP-Auth, so the Web-Server knows, who sent the Edit-Request (HTTP-Header-Information within WFS-POST-Request injected from Apache LDAP-Module). Is there any way to pass the user from the Web-Server via QGIS-Server to the DB? Maybe a QGIS-Server-Plugin or anything else? Or any total different approach? Every idea is welcome, thanks a lot,


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