[Qgis-developer] PostGIS Rasters

Neumann, Andreas a.neumann at carto.net
Mon Apr 10 22:56:44 PDT 2017


If there will be a new Postgis raster provider for QGIS, it should also
support the pyramid tables (separate tables) - which as far as I know -
is not yet supported. If you add a layer from DB-manager you load a
fixed resolution and the other pyramid tables won't be used. Thats one
of the reasons, rasters in Postgis display quite slow in QGIS. 


On 2017-04-11 04:16, Robert Hewlett wrote:

> Hi, 
> Are there plans to build a plugin for PostGIS rasters similar to the vector plugin. I know how to add the rasters from the DB manager but the experience/workflow is much different and the connections go 'stale'. 
> I am willing to help code it. 
> Regards, 
> Rob 
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