[Qgis-developer] NSIS installer size

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Tue Apr 18 13:51:37 PDT 2017

Dear all,

With QGIS 2.18.6 I again have troubles to create a installer exe using creatensis.pl on Ubuntu.
The issue is likely that the installer gets to big when I include all possible Processing Providers (OTB,SAGA,GRASS) in one installer.
I tried all recommendations from NSIS here:
But nothing had effect.
The resulting installer was earlier around 400MB and the unpacked-x86_64 dir has 2.2G.

Injecting a custom qgis.bat in the nsis-installer worked nicely for us, as the installer could be included in the Windows Software center. But maybe we have to move over to using OSGeo4W?

Any hint is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,
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