[Qgis-developer] [gdal-dev] GDAL 2.2.0 beta 2 available

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Tue Apr 25 00:23:56 PDT 2017

> Please don't. Embedded code copies are a PITA. QGIS has too many of those already (although they're generally not required).

I agree in general. I think this case here is a bit different, given
that this is already partially present (in a particularly cumbersome and
incomplete way) and is going to be phased out soon.

>>> 5) require GDAL < 2.2 for building QGIS 2.18
> What about
> 6) #ifdef the offending plugin out in 2.18 for GDAL >= 2.2?

If that's going to be done I would update that to error out in CMake
with an incompatiblity error and force the packager to make a decision
(actively disable dxf2shp or pin GDAL to the older version).

Which decision would you propose for the packages provided upstream
(like OSGeo4W)?

> Given that the plugin is removed in QGIS 3.0 anyway, I think early
> retirement is a perfectly valid option. It's also the best option for
> GDAL, and avoids any wasted effort temporarily fixing code which only
> has a short time left to live anyway...

I was thinking the same, but breaking peoples workflows in patch
releases is a good way to undermine the trust in LTR.


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