[QGIS-Developer] Developing a plugin and a Python library at the same time

Pedro Camargo veigacamargo at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 12:34:38 PST 2017

Hello developers,

   This question might not be exactly for this forum (maybe
StackOverflow!?!), but since I am doing the development for QGIS, I guess
it makes sense being here.

Some background:

   A while ago, I started developing AequilibraE, which is a plugin for
transportation modelers/forecasters (plus some additional GIS tools that
help in that type of work).

As time progressed, I have re-factored all the GUI to work on a threaded
fashion when running algorithms and have worked on releasing the GIL for
the transportation-specific algorithms, which allows me to multi-thread the

I have also worked quite a bit on the underlying library that contains the
transportation-specific procedures, which allows people to just integrate
those procedures in other workflows.

Lastly, I have started developing a large number of unittests for that
underlying library

The problem:

   I want to use the same (multi-threaded) API calls I provide for the
Python users through the underlying library in the GUI, so I don't have to
duplicate the same threading procedure, but at the same time I do want to
keep the GUI being updated.

Has somebody worked on a problem like this?  I would really appreciate some
reference I could study from, as I have not found a good solution for this
problem yet.

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