[QGIS-Developer] Python 3 support woes on master/OS X

Vincent Habchi vince at macports.org
Wed Dec 6 08:27:41 PST 2017


sorry to butt in this list, but I was officially invited to by Giovanni Manghi (yeah, I’m a snitch. Boo!).

Anyways, here is my riddle:

I’ve written a Portfile to plug QGIS3 into the Portfile packaging system for OS X.

Fine. It builds and works, even the 3D!

Big self-satisfaction spree…

…except that I can’t get any Python support. The Plug-in dialogue reports “no Python support found” despite setting PYTHON_EXECUTABLE to a correct value (/opt/local/bin/python3.6).

As it seems to be an isolated case (though everyone who uses MacPorts does report the same problem), does anyone know where I should poke my nose to try and find what’s wrong?

Thanks a bunch!


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