[QGIS-Developer] Qt 5.10 for QGIS devs - the short story

Borys Jurgiel lists at borysjurgiel.pl
Sun Dec 10 09:41:47 PST 2017

> > It is great to see there is constantly so much work going into Qt
> > Quick - hopefully at some point soon we will be able to use it for
> > QGIS desktop as well where it is appropriate - e.g. welcome page or
> > plugin manager.
> Yes, that would be great. I could already now imagine we can do welcome
> page and settings migration with Quick Controls, is there something in
> particular that prevents us from doing this (apart from the usual human
> resources to spend on ;) )?

I guess nothing more :) Actually I started working on QtQuick-based manager 
before the Brighton Hackfest, but it was too early to introduce Qt 4.7 
dependency. Next year I'm going to give it as second try :)


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