[QGIS-Developer] make nohelp.html translatable

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Mon Dec 11 02:32:32 PST 2017

Hi Devs,

see: https://issues.qgis.org/issues/17667

QGIS is loading
from it's install dir if not help is found (I'm also trying to fix
current problem that master does not find the pages...).

BUT the nohelp.html is plain html, which to my googling-knowledge cannot
be used as source file for lupdate (to generate translatable strings in
our qgis.ts file).

So question: is there a way to not use this html file, but maybe
generate a translatable(!) html file in the code. Or maybe use the html
as some template in which QGIS itself 'injects' those (then)
translateble strings?

Any pointers?
I hope this is possible without too much magic :-)


Richard Duivenvoorde

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