[QGIS-Developer] Run processing model on selected features only

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Thu Dec 14 00:26:36 PST 2017

Hi Nyall,

Il 13/12/2017 23:20, Nyall Dawson ha scritto:

> (Note that ALL algorithms which use feature source parameters will
> happily accept a vector layer parameter and operate on the all the
> features in that layer... but that's just done to make the modeler as
> flexible as possible).
> I plan on renaming "Feature Source" -> "Vector layer features" in the
> modeler to help clarify this (also "layer field" -> "vector layer
> field"), and I'll add some tooltips too. (also sort that list)

seems a good change; IMHO we have to be carefl here, as this may prove
complicated and confusing to users. I believe more checks and comments
from "normal users" will be useful.

> Another (related) question. I've been thinking model input UI should
> be reworked. My proposal:
> - remove the list of input types
> - change it to a dock with a list of inputs present in the current
> model, with an "add" (and remove) button to add new inputs to the
> model (at which point the input type selection will be asked)
> - add up/down reordering controls for inputs (supported in the backed,
> but in the frontend there's no way to set the ordering. Which is a
> pain for making end-user usable models)
> Thoughts?

+1 from me

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