[QGIS-Developer] Support to loading GIS projects from an extended OWC geopackage in the QGIS core

Mark Johnson mj10777 at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 18 01:16:12 PST 2017

> - we HAD to use SQLITE and not spatialite, even though we wanted to use a
> spatially enabled db. It turned out that init time to create a spatialite
> with current provider was way too long, and having a default empty DB
> storing more than 4Mo of SRS, functions and various metadata was not a good
> idea for QGIS project file.

True, there are ways to make this smaller, but if this is to be a GPKG a
spatialite Database should be avoided

 Can anyone give us imputs if GPKG, relying on spatialite implementation
> could suffer from the same drawbacks?

With a Spatialite connection it is very easy to create an empty pure GPKG
Database (106.5 Kb) with:
SELECT gpkgCreateBaseTables();

It would contain only 3 SRS (-1,0 and 4326) in 'gpkg_spatial_ref_sys' with
all of the other GPKG admin-tables (including 'gpkg_extensions') empty.

Mark Johnson, Berlin Germany
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