[QGIS-Developer] No more "rasmover" plugin

geodrinx at gmail.com geodrinx at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 22:35:00 PST 2017

Ciao Giovanni,

>> Simply, I want to be free to develop and share my ideas without having to seek someone's approval.
> this left me curious, as there is no code revision for 3rd party plugins, what is this about?

False.  And you know. 
Example ?  This:

So, for what reason you tell something you know is not true ?  This is not a code revision ?  What is the name for this ?

> and why about this specific plugin and
> not others from you?

False.  My develops continue outside qgis official repository. 
Also for gearthview. 

> thanks for the clarification

You are welcome. 
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