[QGIS-Developer] Thanks!

Matthias Kuhn matthias at opengis.ch
Wed Dec 27 01:01:41 PST 2017

Thanks a lot to all the people in this community,

It is a great pleasure to work with you and bring this project ahead. A
lot has been achieved this year.
This was only possible due to the huge commitment of all the people in
the QGIS community.

Thanks a lot for

. using QGIS
. writing documentation
. writing plugins
. doing server maintenance
. reporting bugs
. making jokes on mailing lists
. keeping the webpage running
. joining hackfests
. developing
. answering questions on stackoverflow
. doing release management
. writing budgets
. administrative paperwork
. teaching QGIS
. ... there is so much more ...

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey in 2018 !


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