[QGIS-Developer] QGIS: Execute NNJoin-Plugin within the Python console

Theresa Lichtenberger Theresa.Lichtenberger at risc-software.at
Wed Dec 27 01:47:43 PST 2017

Good morning everyone!

I want to write a python script which I can execute from within QGIS (from the python console).
The python script should calculate the nearest line (out of a set of lines) of a given point (out of a set of points)
and I have already accomplished this task by manually using the NNJoin-Plugin. Now I want to automize this
process within a python script, but I do not know how to run the NNJoin plugin within a Python script.

Is this even possible? If yes, could you give me some advice on how to accomplish this?
Thank you in advance!

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