[QGIS-Developer] Layout and Reporting Engine Crowdfunding Campaign – a success!

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 00:13:46 PDT 2017

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that our recent crowdfunding
campaign to rework QGIS' print composer for 3.0 was a huge success!

I'd like to thank every member of the QGIS community who assisted with
promoting this campaign and bringing it to the attention of the
campaign backers. Without your efforts we would not have been able to
reach these backers and the campaign would not have been successful.

Of course, our thanks also go to the many financial sponsors for this work:

- The Swiss QGIS User group (funded preliminary work in refactoring
how compositions are handled and stored within projects)
- The QGIS Grant Program (2016) (funded preliminary work allowing for
a flexible property framework which will be used within the project)
- Land Vorarlberg, Austria
- Tudor Bărăscu
- Oester Messtechnik GmbH, Thun, Switzerland
- Ferdinando Urbano, Italy
- Alta ehf, Reykjavik, Iceland
- Trage Wegen, Belgium
- QGIS Denmark User Group, Denmark
- Debuco Techniek B.V., Netherlands
- The QWAT Project
- QGIS Sweden User Group, Sweden
- Andreas Neumann
- Kristianstads kommun, Sweden
- City of Vevey, Switzerland
- Kanton Thurgau, Switzerland
- Ricardo Pinho, Portugal
- Portugese QGIS User Group, Portugal
- Waymotion, Portugal
- Lloyd Analytics LLC, USA
- Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
- Hartmut Dickel, Switzerland

We’ve also received numerous anonymous contributions in addition to
these – please know that the QGIS community extends their gratitude
for your contributions too!

This campaign was also successful thanks to The Agency for Data Supply
and Efficiency, Denmark, who stepped up and have funded an initial
component of this project directly.

I'll be posting updates as this work progresses over at

Many thanks!

(the scary bozo)

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