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Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 17:05:18 PDT 2017

Hi Nyall,

On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 12:25 AM, Nyall Dawson <nyall.dawson at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10 June 2017 at 06:46, Giovanni Manghi <giovanni.manghi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> * Aspect throws an error:
>> is this GDAL's aspect?
> No - native QGIS one. None of the GDAL/OGR provider is ported to the
> new API yet and is not available in nightly builds.


>> is expected that -for example- all the tools, even not QGIS native
>> ones to be somehow fixed in processing/QGIS3 because of the overhaul
>> that is going on?
> Native, GDAL, grass and saga will be ported. It's low on my priority
> list right now though, so if anyone wants to step forward and port
> these now then it'd be much appreciated. My priorities are:

I could help with gdal/ogr ones

>>  If yes this is also true for Processing plugins that
>> make uses of external programs like ogr2ogr, circuitscape and many
>> other examples?
> No - processing  plugin maintainers are responsible for porting their
> own code to 3.0, just like all other plugin maintainers.

sure, that wasn't my question, but never mind I got it.

> - we have had some algs which were available in 2.x removed. This
> breaks existing models which used those algorithms.

there is a list?

> We have a lot of
> duplicate functionality spread across the QGIS algs, which would be
> good to address for 3.0

true, is also true that some redundancy has helped a lot in the past.
For example the geoprocessing tools based on ogr2ogr and spatial
queries (that I plan to expand
since a long time now), in several cases have been proven faster and
more reliable than native ones.
If they are not welcome in QGIS3 no problem, I can make a Processing
plugin out of them, I'm sure
it will be anyway preferred to native tools that frequently just
return the wrong result (see several tickets
on unions, intersections, differences and the alike).


-- G --

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