[QGIS-Developer] multipartToSingleParts via code

Stefano Masera stefano.masera at arpa.piemonte.it
Mon Jun 12 08:01:36 PDT 2017

Hi list, 
I want to use the 'multiPartToSinglePart' script via code for my plugin. 
I can use it importing processing like this: 

import processing 
processing.runalg("qgis:multiparttosingleparts", input, output) 

but I wan't to use it in a different way, like I already do with the 'dissolve' script: 

from qgis.analysis import * 
analyzer = QgsGeometryAnalyzer() 
analyzer.dissolve(input, output) 

(even if I could write: 
import processing 
processing.runalg("qgis:dissolve",input,output ) 

Is it possible? 


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