[QGIS-Developer] SpatiaLite: open blob images with Qgis3

silvio grosso grossosilvio at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 12 11:04:31 PDT 2017

Hello everyone,

At present, QGIS doesn't currently have *any* support for blob fields.

I am wondering how long would it take, in terms of *working days*, to develop a feature for Qgis 3 related to SpatiaLite ?
In short :
- You open a SpatiaLite database which contains some jpeg images (stored as blob) ;
- As soon as you connect this database, you are able to visualize your images (jpeg) with Qgis 3.

Something similar to what it is possible with many commercial Sqlite editors (e.g. SqliteMaestro).As regards open source softwares, I currently work with SqliteStudio but this feature is not available yet.

Thanks in lot in advance 

Silvio Grosso

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