[QGIS-Developer] Is it possible to have pySerial library in QGIS Python?

Nariman Hatami nariman.hatami at inrap.fr
Thu Jun 15 07:27:39 PDT 2017


I'm developing a python plugin that uses the pySerial library. Installing
external libraries in the python folder of QGIS is of course not very
complicated, especially for a programmer, but I'm not sure that this task
would be as obvious for all users. And as you know when an external library
is missing, we get an error message as soon as QGIS starts (provoked by the
"import" command) and the plugin can't be loaded.
I was wondering if it is possible to include pySerial directly in QGIS
python libs...

Sincerely yours,

Nariman Hatami

ps. I am currently using the 2.18 Las Palmas version

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