[QGIS-Developer] Split parts tool - invalid output

Giovanni Manghi giovanni.manghi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 03:44:38 PDT 2017

Hi Bernhard, thanks for the answer

> I would definitely wish to have proper tools in core but as I am not a
> C++ guy all I can do is implement things in a Python plugin :-(
> DigitizingTools is an effort to provide missing tools until there is a
> solution in core (I just abandoned a tool whose functionality has been
> implemented). I welcome any C++ dev going ahead and copying (and
> improving) the tools I provide.
> You may have seen that I commented on [1]

my message wasn't targeted to you, but rather a small rant... what I
meant is that is someone (you) had to "fix" this editing tool with a
plugin it really means that the core one has an issue (and indeed it
has it).


-- g --

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