[QGIS-Developer] Processing 3.0: Possible change to the Singlepart to Multipart algorithm

matteo matteo.ghetta at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 00:28:39 PDT 2017


> As we go for more sophisticated algs, having a good help system will be
> crucial. BTW, Alex, Matteo, what is the state of your work?

Alex did a great job that has already landed in the code:


However, Processing is in big revolution right now, so before starting
to make also docs PR it is reeeeeeally better to have the final list of
algorithms that will be available there.

We are getting rid of many duplication, some algorithms will have some
parameter changed, etc.. the list of algorithms in the doc, so here for
QGIS for example:


has to be updated with the algorithms that will be available in
Processing. So from the documentation part of view, I'll wait a little
bit more so to avoid useless work (although I've started to write some
docs locally that I'm sure they will be there).

>From the coding part of view, I think that the code is already there and
it is also "suffering" for the Processing refactoring but it should not
take many effort to adjust the code. But I'll let Alex comment on this



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