[QGIS-Developer] What are best graph possibilities in QGIS

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Mon May 8 07:47:03 PDT 2017


wanting to create a nice looking graph (widget) in QGIS, I wonder what
the options are, and if there is some common consensus on what is the
best option for the near future:

I know of (seen used in Mutant plugin):
- qwt
- mathplot lib
But these look a little crude...

Another option would be to create the graph(s) via javascript using some
kind of javascript lib and show the image or html in a web widget.
Or maybe even a create custom dedicated d3js widget?

Do 'we' (as the community) have a stand in this?
Is one option more future proof (for QGIS) then others?

Regards and thanks for any input,

Richard Duivenvoorde

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