[QGIS-Developer] Handling different GDAL versions in PyQGIS

Tom Chadwin tom.chadwin at nnpa.org.uk
Tue May 9 10:45:17 PDT 2017

Hello all

An issue I face is different users' different GDAL versions meaning making
Processing GDAL calls in a plugin difficult, as you have to get the
arguments right:


I've got these different argument lists wrapped in try: blocks, but was
wondering if a different approach might be better. If I call, for example,
processing.runalg("gdalogr:warpreproject") without arguments from the
console, I get an error back:

Error: Wrong number of parameters
ALGORITHM: Warp (reproject)
	INPUT <ParameterRaster>
	SOURCE_SRS <ParameterCrs>
	DEST_SRS <ParameterCrs>
	NO_DATA <ParameterString>
	TR <ParameterNumber>
	METHOD <ParameterSelection>
	RAST_EXT <ParameterExtent>
	EXT_CRS <ParameterCrs>
	RTYPE <ParameterSelection>
	COMPRESS <ParameterSelection>
	JPEGCOMPRESSION <ParameterNumber>
	ZLEVEL <ParameterNumber>
	PREDICTOR <ParameterNumber>
	TILED <ParameterBoolean>
	BIGTIFF <ParameterSelection>
	TFW <ParameterBoolean>
	EXTRA <ParameterString>
	OUTPUT <OutputRaster>

METHOD(Resampling method)
	0 - near
	1 - bilinear
	2 - cubic
	3 - cubicspline
	4 - lanczos
RTYPE(Output raster type)
	0 - Byte
	1 - Int16
	2 - UInt16
	3 - UInt32
	4 - Int32
	5 - Float32
	6 - Float64
COMPRESS(GeoTIFF options. Compression type:)
	0 - NONE
	1 - JPEG
	2 - LZW
BIGTIFF(Control whether the created file is a BigTIFF or a classic TIFF)
	0 - 
	1 - YES
	2 - NO

Can I rely on getting this kind of output from all GDAL versions? If so, I
can try to figure out the best way to parse out the arguments it needs, and
supply them.

Should this work?



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