[QGIS-Developer] OTB 6 and Processing

Victor Olaya volayaf at gmail.com
Mon May 15 01:53:16 PDT 2017


The repo with the plugin already extracted and prepared is in here


IT hasn't been published in the plugin repo, though. I think the OTB
team was ready to take ownership, so if anyone tells me the user name
or group that will accept it, i will transfer this.

The OTB user days sounds great, but unfortunately, I will not be at
home during those days (there is the spanish foss4g on 1-2 june, and i
will stay in Spain after that to visit my family). In any case, we can
set up a meeting and i can go to meet the OTB team in Toulouse in a
different date.

Let me know what I can do to move the repo ownership, so we can have
the OTB plugin released ASAP

About the R provider, we are in the same situation. The plugin is in
Alex's github account, but if anyone from the R community wants to
take ownership and take care of managing and releasing it, I guess we
can move it.


2017-05-15 10:43 GMT+02:00 Paolo Cavallini <cavallini at faunalia.it>:
> Il 15/05/2017 10:24, Julien Michel ha scritto:
>>> Rashad, would you be willing to take ownership of that plugin?
>> I think OTB team as a whole would be glad to take ownership of that
>> plugin. Then we could add updates of the plugin tour release process and
>> ensure that it is always fresh and working. If this is ok four you, let
>> us know how to proceed.
> Great news, thanks.
> AFAICT the first step is creating the subplugin, taking the removed code
> from Processing. Probably Alex and/or Victor could give a hint on how to
> best do this.
> All the best.
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