[QGIS-Developer] QgsSettings + ows key cleanup?

Richard Duivenvoorde rdmailings at duif.net
Thu May 18 04:27:47 PDT 2017

On 18-05-17 12:11, Alessandro Pasotti wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Cleaning is always very welcome!
> I think that to bring some more order to the root level settings, we
> should eventually make more use of the optional section argument:
> https://qgis.org/api/classQgsSettings.html#aba2f174ee000905cac8aff26665ed7c7
> This is not implemented for groups though, but if you feel it could be
> helpful I can add it.

Hi Alessandro,

I do not understand: "This is not implemented for groups though..."
Isn't a section the same concept as a group?
Where is this 'section' element to be used?
Or is the idea to use it in a (free chosen) group?

I already have > 40 groups/sections(?) (as counted in the 'Advanced
Settings Editor').
I do not think it is possible to bring that back to the 8 you propose,
do you?

Looking into the 'Advanced Settings Editor' I also have double values in
the following 'groups'?
but this could be due to recent changes. Ik will remove my config



ps Nathan: any news on your profile work?

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