[QGIS-Developer] A Couple of Plugin Ideas

C Hamilton adenaculture at gmail.com
Thu May 25 12:53:20 PDT 2017

I have been toying with writing a couple of QGIS plugins and wanted to
check to see if anyone else is doing something similar and to see if there
is interest.

1. Geospatial Animator
What I am thinking of is a plugin where you can define a series key
locations keeping track of the (X,Y) coordinate and zoom level.
Additionally there would be a step size and it would output either rendered
frames or a video.

2. Another Measure Tool
As a preface I was looking at some old archaeological records and it was
giving site locations based off of the previous location with a distance
and bearing. As far as I can tell there is no tools that interactively
gives both of these values.

I would like a measure tool that provides the distance between points A &
B, the bearing from point A to B, and the bearing from point B to A.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have or whether someone is already
working on this.


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