[QGIS-Developer] QGIS 3.x $scale in expression ?

Andreas Neumann a.neumann at carto.net
Thu Aug 2 00:45:34 PDT 2018

Hi Alain, 

This has been changed in 3.x as there is no single map anymore, but
there could be multiple map canvases per project. 

However, there is a new variable called "@map_scale" which you can use
instead. Note that this variable is only available in some context, e.g.
if you work on the symbology or labeling of a layer representation,
where it is clear what canvas you are refering to. 

Hope this helps, 


On 2018-08-02 07:51, FERRATON Alain (Chef de groupe) -

> Hi,
> I no longer see in QGIS 3.x the $scale function in expressions?
> is there a possibility to recover the scale of the canvas ?
> Regards
> Alain
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