[QGIS-Developer] CAD and QGIS - Working with archaeological sites

C Hamilton adenaculture at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 14:27:02 PDT 2018

I need to be able to trace out some old surveys of ancient Indian
earthworks such as:


I would like to have them properly scaled and then somehow import them into
QGIS. Because many of these sites have been destroyed we don't know
precisely where some are located. The ultimate goal is to use magnetometry
to help find them.

What I would like to do is to import the shape and then drag it around to
see where it best fits.

Any suggestions on how to do this? What can I draw it in and how to import
the shape and retain its proper dimensions?

Also is there a way a non georegistered image be imported, make it somewhat
transparent, and then interactively drag and resize it on the map somewhat
like Google Earth? When you don't really have anything to reference the
image to you can't use georeferencer.


Calvin Hamilton
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