[QGIS-Developer] Edit Features “In Place” Using QGIS Spatial Operations crowdfund launched

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 22:55:42 PDT 2018

Hi all,

North Road are proud to launch our latest QGIS crowd-funding campaign:
Edit Features “In Place” Using QGIS Spatial Operations!

This time, we’re addressing what we see as the major shortcoming
within QGIS vector layer editing tools, by utilising QGIS’ Processing
algorithms abilities to edit features directly “in place” (i.e. as a
normal edit operation, just like moving/reshaping features works).

Full details and mockup videos are available at the campaign page:

This is also our first crowdfunding campaign that we’re running as a
“dual funding” approach, which we think should make things friendly
and easy for both corporate backers and end user contributions alike.
Read more about how this works at the full campaign page.

We need your help to make this feature a reality! We need backers, but
just as importantly, we need people to spread the word about this
campaign so that all interested users and organisations hear about it.

Here are some ideas:

- spread the campaign page via your social media accounts: Twitter,
Linked in, etc
- forward a link to the campaign to any relevant professional networks
you're part of
- publicise the campaign via your local QGIS user group
- have a chat to your manager... if this feature will make your work
easier, and you've saved money by implementing QGIS within your
organisation, consider contributing and let us make your job easier!

Stay tuned for more updates and posts exploring this feature as the
campaign progresses...

Nyall Dawson
North Road

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