[QGIS-Developer] Help me add a new feature to QGIS

Konstantin Puzankov konst555 at mail.ru
Sat Aug 25 10:46:13 PDT 2018

Hi QGIS-developers,

I made small additions to the code that improve the design of maps. 
Of course, I can use this addition personally, but I want it to be available to everyone.

Who can help me with including it in the main QGIS code?

You can easily test it by replacing the attached files in the source code of the current version.
I'm sure it won't take you much time. I am attaching 2 simple examples.

Proposed changes.
In the "Print Layout" section when building a map grid, it is necessary to add the possibility of a frame shift relative to the map.
It will be very easy to form a different framework for drawing up maps.
I enclose the program code for this change. ( The attachment: qgis_change.zip)

What changed :
1. UI - add label "offset" and QgsDoubleSpinBox  ( The attachment: screenshot_offset.png )
2. "offset" - from 0 to 99 ( default -0)
3. Add corners for "zebra" and frame boarder.
4. If you use the default offset to "0", there will be no changes from the current version. Only for "zebra" corners will be drawn more correctly.

Why it is very important to make this small change.
Now QGIS does not have the means to design a standard scale frame of nautical charts. It is not possible to make standard designs for topographic maps.
Some applications, such as ArcGIS or my plugin for QGIS - the geogrid, create static vector layers for the map sections.
When making the proposed add-on, we can very easily create a dynamic design that will meet the requirements of the standards.

I hope to help the qgis-developers community.

Best regards,
Konstantin Puzankov

e-mail:   konst555 at mail.ru

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