[QGIS-Developer] QGIS supports WCS version 2.0.1 + WCPS natively?

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at gmail.com
Wed May 9 02:00:21 PDT 2018

Paolo Cavallini kirjoitti 09.05.2018 klo 11:55:
> Il 09/05/2018 09:21, Ari Jolma ha scritto:
>> bangph kirjoitti 08.05.2018 klo 20:18:
>>> Ari Jolma-2 wrote
>>>> "Just a quick note that I've been working on WCS support to GDAL and it
>>>> now supports 2.0.1. It's been tested against Rasdaman and others but
>>>> more
>>>> testing would be useful, especially cases with temporal and other
>>>> multidimensional data."
>>> Just a quick question, do you implement with C++?
>> Yes. It is a native C++ driver in GDAL.
> Hi,
> are you suggesting to drop native QGIS WCS support in favour of the GDAL
> implementation?

No. First of all, I have not tested the QGIS WCS support at all. I'm a 
long time GDAL user and developer. A case came up where I needed to 
develop a demonstration system that would use WCS as a GDAL data source. 
That's why I proceeded to update the then (last October) existing driver.



> All the best, and thanks.

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